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Comet Project Space


Artists: Sheree Stone, Pip Stephens, Lambert Laluz,

Lisa Rudden, Shannon-Mae Read, Roma Anderson

The urban landscape is all around us and has inspired photographic greats such as Alfred Steiglietz, George Tice, and Ernst Haas. It has many faces, all with their unique charm; romantic, lonely, placid, frenetic, vibrant and numbingly mundane. Our cities and suburbia never lack personality. Photography is often utilised in documenting our urban landscape for its ability to capture motion, document a split-second of time, construct history, memory, truth and identity.


Participants of Capture Community were tasked with a mystery brief and photo shoot, which occurred on a sunny Autumn afternoon at the site where you stand. The property at which Comet resides is one of the oldest in the area, a site imbued with a diverse range of individual stories and memories over it’s 109 year history. The deteriorating facade and overgrown garden stands discordant to the rapidly changing built environment that surrounds it.  


When given a physical boundary with in this built environment, some participants focused on the architectural details of the traditional Auckland villa. Others captured a moment of perfect light, while some were drawn to the intricacies of the surrounding natural world. It is through this diverse range of images that we are able to see the extent of creativity while working with imposed restrictions.

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