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City of Colour - Auckland - May 2022

Light Up Whakatane - August 2022

Highlighting the plastic pandemic through the redefinition of plastic waste, Droplets is a collaborative light-based installation showcasing the potential of used plastic as a material for making art. 

The Droplets are designed to evoke wonder and appreciation for our planet’s precious ecosystems and our humble place within them. 

Made from hundreds of hand cut single-use water bottles constructed into forms evocative of our planet’s threatened biodiversity, the Droplets become vessels for new ways of thinking. 

Droplets serves as a stark reminder of the impact our waste has on the planet and its inhabitants, and hopes to inspire viewers to rethink their own consumption. The form of the sculptures references the past life of the materials, as carriers of vital fluid.

It is the shape of tears of sorrow and anger shed for the wildlife and ecosystems devastated by plastic pollution. Yet, it is also a symbol of renewal.

Just as rainwater vitalizes the earth and brings forth new life, Droplets hopes to nourish and grow spaces of connection to our living earth and spark conversations about what we can preserve if we act thoughtfully.

Collaboration with Lara Thomas

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