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Castaways unite to transform the Comet Garden into a sprawling metropolis of luminescent plastics that weave throughout the surrounding trees, creating a prismatic landscape.

The slew of flora has been meticulously spliced together by a collective of artists, creating an otherworldly environment that is industrial yet natural. Each of the man-made elements are infused with the history of a previous use and place, generating a creative renaissance that stirs significant introspection into the abundance of these castaway materials.


The delicate matrix of luminescence, manipulated plastic and electricity reinforce the flexibility, power, and preciousness of our own ecology.

Lead Artists: Bobbie Gray, Jesse Watson, Lara Thomas.

Contributing Artists: Andrew Middleton, Ashleigh Tuck, Catherine Thomson, Chris Bae, Gitanjali Bhatt, Judith Lawson, Kiki Hall, Lyn-Marie, Molly Langelaan, Monique Lacey, Paige Nebbeling, Rosaleen Turley, Skye Lovatt.

Programmer: Ed Aretino


Artweek Auckland Oct 2020
Alice Wylie - May 2021
Mangere Bridge Village - March 2022
Auckland Botanic Garden - June 2022
Light Up Whakatane - August 2022
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