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Kowhai Grove

Kōwhai Grove is a collaborative

light-based installation by artist

Bobbie Gray in which thousands

of Kōwhai flowers made from

single-use plastic bottles will

illuminate Grey Street Arcade.

Get involved

A reimagining of a public space, to embrace and connect with its natural environment. Kowhai Grove is as an opportunity to create a welcoming and engaging space for local communities and visitors to downtown Tauranga.

The work will slowly take over Grey Street arcade, a place that ebbs and flows, where people come and go, meet, and gather as locals go about their day to day. Over time, this space will become an active artwork; an endless performance in which everyone participates as they walk along.

Kowhai Grove - Artist Render.jpg

Donate Plastic Bottles

We are seeking donations of a range of single use plastic bottles. 

If you would like to donate they can be dropped off to:

Envirohub, 31B Glasgow Street, Tauranga. 

Banana Blossom Cafe, Grey Street Tauranga. 

Bobbie's studio, 249 Ponsonby Road, Auckland. 

  • Please rinse your bottles

  • Please do not squash the bottles

  • Please leave the lids on

  • No milk bottles - clear plastic only. 


Flower making workshops

Envirohub are hosting a series of FREE kowhai flower making workshops. 

Fun for all ages. All children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Location: 31B Glasgow Street, Tauranga

Dates: Thursday 8th December - 6pm


Location: 31B Glasgow Street, Tauranga

Dates: Monday 19th December, 10am - 2pm (School Holidays) 


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