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Comet Project Space


Artists: Molly Timmins, Ekaterina Dimieva, Deborah Moss 

 Mixologists: Jason Rosen, Andrea Marseglia, Guy Jacobson

Though mixology may seem like a word that has only recently become fashionable, it actually dates back to the eighteenth century. A mixologist is someone who is involved in creating cocktails and inventing new drinks and techniques based on extensive knowledge of all the ingredients available, as well as a deep understanding of the history of drinks. 


Much like a painter, who creates new works, often in an intuitive way but based on extensive knowledge of all the different tried and tested techniques as well as a deep understanding of art history. An eloquent and unexpected use of colour and technique is often what divides beginner painters from the greats. Colour, pigment, layers, textures and gestures provide so many different painting possibilities and nuances that an artist could spend a lifetime exploring. ​

For a mixologist, a dab, a splash, a drip and a pour, new combinations are explored by carefully layering elements, balancing density, viscosity, texture and colour resulting in exciting new creations. Both of these crafts employ a playful yet expert process of mixology.  


We challenged 3 of Auckland's top bartenders to ‘Stir their Creativity’ and respond to 3 paintings by local artists. 

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