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Upward Fall - HD Video, 10 min loop
Resident Alien - HD Video, 15min loop
Liquid Chandelier - 3 x HD Videos, 6 min loop

Like their oxymoronic titles, these videos are intended to defy logic and expectations. Negotiating a careful balance between retaining and relinquishing control, the fluid arcane substance, chosen for its peculiar tactility is put through a series of trials, each one resulting in the material resembling exotic organic matter. The work encompasses contradictions of the real and unreal, synthetic and organic, fixity and movement.


Referencing computer-generated imagery, these moving images are entirely analogue, shot in real-time. By using technology to modify the perception of reality, the work subverts the truth-telling qualities of real world recording, encouraging viewers to spend time with these traces of material and action.

This series of work achieved a Highly Commended Award at the 2017 Eden Arts Art School Awards.

  • Eden Arts
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