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Interactive Public Installation

Created in collaboration with artist Sophie An and in association with Parnell Inc for Auckland Artweek 2016.

This work is a take on the ancient Japanese perma-culture technique of tsuchi dango, which means 'earth dumpling'. 


Mother nature takes care of the seeds we sow and decides which crops to provide us with. Like a process of natural selection, because ultimately nature decides what will grow and when germination will occur. Therefore, this installation is a random selection process; you won’t know which vegetable you have chosen until it starts sprouting from mother earth.

Our seed bombs contained organic vegetable seeds, chosen for sewing in NZ Spring/Summer. It is believed that vegetables grown in this way are stronger than most people think. Viewers were encouraged to take their pick and plant in a place of their choosing.


100% natural materials were used in the creation of this installation.

  • Bobbie Gray, Instagram