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[Food stained organic silk & cotton blend]

Organic silk has been stained by a process of folding and wrapping up food scraps, followed by a steaming process. Each painting in the series represents one day of food or three meals, including drinks.


What fascinates me is the ability to manipulate marks on cloth in a way that gives me the intimacy of ownership of those marks yet the surprise of what the food produces on it’s own.


Transforming kitchen scraps into a rainbow of textile dyes is a concept as old as civilization itself, with dye vats dating to as early as 2000 BC. This project involves rediscovering these homemade pigments using food scraps that would normally have been thrown away. 

'The art of food' was also exhibited at the EA Arts Festival in 2017. A one-day celebration of contemporary socially conscious artists and activists in Auckland, New Zealand.

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