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Wisteria Lane

Inspired by Wisteria, which is best defined as a breathtaking but aggressive vine that is likely to steal the beauty. An enchanted vine of fluorescent flowers will transform a central city lane as mesmerizing cascades of luscious purple-violet flowers bring the natural world front and center into the urban environment.

After Dark Urban Light Festival

Grey Street Arcade

Tauranga CBD

13th - 22nd May

Wisteria - Night.jpg
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Insignificant Other

Insignificant Other brings everyday life into art through magnifying borer ‘galleries’ found in the native timber floors of the artist’s home.

Poised between sculpture and painting, these hand-routed, human-scale engravings are traces of the vast, yet complex realities that lie beneath the surface of our own existence.

The Depot Artspace, Devonport

Opening 2nd April 2022

on until 27th April 2022.

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Made from hundreds of hand cut single-use water bottles constructed into forms evocative of our planet’s threatened biodiversity, Droplets serves as a stark reminder of the impact our waste has on the planet and its inhabitants, and hopes to inspire viewers to rethink their own consumption.

A collaboration with Lara Thomas 

Commissioned by Heart of the City & Auckland Council

Little High St, Auckland CBD

from 29th April - 19th May.

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Enchanted Garden
Mangere Edition

Naomi & Bill Kirk Park, in Mangere Bridge will be transformed into an Enchanted Garden with a magical display of 500 fluorescent flowers. The mystical sound of handpans by Alive Metal reverberate as viewers wander through a field of flowers filled with vibrantly coloured, unique blooms. Visitors will be able to grab a bite to eat from the food trucks, relax on the beanbags and as the sun sets, watch the flowers come to life and light up the night.

Featuring Inflorescence,  a collaborative light-based installation showcasing the potential of plastic as a material for making art. Over 1,000 plastic bottles have been meticulously spliced together by a collective of artists, creating an otherworldly environment that is industrial yet natural. 

A free, zero-waste event, suitable for all ages. Wheelchair friendly. Fun for the whole family.

Generously supported by Mangere Bridge Business Association, Auckland Council and EcoMatters.


Saturday 28th May 

Naomi and Bill Kirk Park

39 Coronation Road, Māngere Bridge

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