Bobbie Gray is a New Zealand born, Auckland-based artist whose work is founded in a range of disciplines including, sculpture, moving image, painting, installation, curation and project development. Her practice explores the connection between people, the natural environment and mediated reality, along with an ongoing investigation surrounding the nature of perception.


Bobbie completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design in 2017. She was awarded a Highly Commended for her submission ‘Resident Alien’ in the 2017 Eden Art Awards, of which her work “Upward Fall” is now part of the Wallace Arts Trust collection. Her work has been exhibited around the world, highlights include 'Digital Garden' being projected onto the internal walls of Coventry Cathedral, UK and also In the Medina of Tunis, a World Heritage UNESCO site through One Night Public Gallery. Bobbie founded and facilitates an artist-run-space Comet Project Space.


Bobbie has a particular interest in Biophilia and Biomorphism, and therefore seeks out and explores materials that can mimic life-like processes, where the forms of her develop organically. With these forms, she is particularly interested in the intersection between attraction and repulsion and the simultaneous pull of these elements. She has recently started exploring the notion of sonder, and is working towards her first solo-show in NZ.


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