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Bobbie Gray is an Auckland-based artist hailing from New Zealand, whose multidisciplinary practice encompasses sculpture, moving image, painting, installation, curation, and project development. Graduating from Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design in 2017 with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Bobbie's talent was recognized as a finalist for the Whikiriwhi Scholarship.

In recent years, Bobbie's artistic journey has evolved, reflecting a deep commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Embracing the potential of recycled materials, Bobbie embarked on a groundbreaking project titled Kowhai Grove, commissioned by the Tauranga City Council. This permanent, site-specific installation mesmerizes viewers with thousands of Kowhai flowers meticulously crafted from plastic recyclables, collaboratively sourced from the Bay of Plenty community. Illuminated by programmable LEDs, the suspended immersive light installation engulfs the entire downtown laneway, offering a transformative experience that invites contemplation of our relationship with the environment.

Bobbie's artistic endeavors have extended beyond New Zealand's borders, with notable international exhibitions. The impact of Bobbie's work was felt across historic Coventry Cathedral (UK), where the video installation, Digital Garden, was projected onto its internal walls. Additionally, the renowned World Heritage and UNESCO site, The Medina of Tunis (Tunisia), hosted Bobbie's captivating video installation. Recognition continued to grow as Bobbie's video series, Resident Alien, was selected to feature in the touring exhibition Windows 98, showcased in Iran.

In 2019, Bobbie secured a coveted residency opportunity in Cassis, France, where she collaborated with eight international artists. This experience not only expanded Bobbie's artistic repertoire but also deepened her understanding of diverse cultures, perspectives, and approaches to art and the environment.

Driven by a passion for fostering creative connections and collaborative efforts, Bobbie founded Comet Project Space in 2017. Originally established as an artist-run initiative, the space served as a platform for community activations, encouraging the convergence of individuals, ideas, and collective projects. Today, Comet Project Space continues to thrive as a dynamic pop-up gallery, facilitating artistic dialogue and fostering collaborative endeavours.

Bobbie Gray's artistic practice exemplifies a profound dedication to sustainability, community engagement, and transcultural exploration. With a repertoire spanning various mediums and an unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries, Bobbie's work continues to captivate audiences both domestically and internationally.


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