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Comet Project Space


Artists: Wendy Leach, Sue Paterson, Karen Sewell, Roma Anderson, Lara Thomas, Lily Worrall, Ethan Coombridge. 

With live performances by Burn the Bridges and Round Buddah.

Inspired by our radiant city, Comet Project Space asked seven artists to share their fascination with light during ARTWEEK18. 


Tāmaki-makau-rau Auckland sits amidst a web of other glowing attractions, which broadcast the cities significant cultural events, milestones, and celebrations. Each of our artists explore the power of light. 'City Lights' is intended to demonstrate how creative thought continues to be informed by light, sound, and colour, in relation to the illuminated cityscape, that is the backdrop of our garden gallery.

As ARTWEEK falls within the eleventh lunation of 2018, during a phase of New Moon, when the moon isn't at all visible in the sky. Comet Project Space will inhabit the darkness with glowing expressions of humanity’s innate fascination with light.

'City Lights' stands as an ephemeral marker within the web of other glowing attractions the city has to offer. 

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