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Comet Project Space


Artists: Klae Brown, Darryl Chin, Sena Park, Tabitha Cornelia, Rose Meyer, Bobbie Gray, Sarah Walker-Holt, Anieszka Banks, Cam Edward, Natasha Wong, Ellen Mekkelholt, Isabella Young, Rose Northey, Isobel Gledhill, Chippy Draws, Pauls Friis, Rhys Collier. 

OFFCUT was born from the very fabric of Comet Project Space; a small yet powerful gallery in the heart of Ponsonby run by directors Bobbie Gray and Alicia Taylor, that has challenged the traditional and celebrated collaboration from day one. In the spirit of pulling upcoming creatives into its ever-growing orbit, 19 local artists were selected to incorporate a piece of MDF board, salvaged from the renovations undertaken to construct Comet Project Space, and incorporate it into a new piece. Once again bucking trends, these works were not for public sale, but were swapped between the participating artists after the show.

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