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50kgs braided industrial rags

Embedded in the heart of this object is a multitude of memories, the trace of all the hands that have held the clothing, all those who have worn them, all of their looks, all of their smells, their culture and their locations. This object carries history with it. It possesses a force, a life that is meaningful and independent of our volition, of our needs, wishes or aesthetic concerns.


This work shows no prejudice for any shape over another, via the use of random twisting, curling, piling and hanging, resulting in chance forms that were not projected in advance. In extinguishing the possibility of any resemblance to utility, or familiarity, I mean to accelerate the symbolic potential of the object to individual viewers. This work also has the capacity to change physical character, implying continual transfiguring of convoluted forms, giving the work numerous new readings.

Throw Away Threads was exhibited at the EA Arts Festival, at The Cloud, Auckland in 2017.

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